Governmental murder.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, probably murdered his own half brother using assassins.

Sometime in the hours after poisoning the half brother of North Korea’s leader, one of his two attackers began to vomit, Malaysian police said Friday. It was apparently an early indication of the immensely powerful toxin that was used in the killing: the chemical warfare agent VX.

The oily poison was almost certainly produced in a sophisticated state weapons laboratory, experts say, and is banned under international treaties. North Korea, a prime suspect in the case, never signed that treaty, and has spent decades developing a complex chemical weapons program that has long worried the international community.

Kim Jong Nam
Kim Jong Nam

The Council on Foreign Relations describes it as “the deadliest nerve agent ever created,” adding:

Known by its U.S. Army code name, it is a clear, colorless liquid with the consistency of motor oil. A fraction of a drop of VX, absorbed through the skin, can fatally disrupt the nervous system. Although a cocktail of drugs can serve as an antidote, VX acts so quickly that victims would have to be injected with the antidote almost immediately to have a chance at survival. VX is the only significant nerve agent created since World War II.

It all comes down to Kim Jong Un. The current North Korean dictator is known for his brutality and ruthlessness, eliminating anyone who may threaten his power and regime control, including his uncle Jang.

This apparently wouldn’t be the first time North Korea attempted to murder Kim Jong Nam. There have been at least two previous attempts that we know of, in 2010 and 2012. The first attempt became public when a North Korean agent confessed to attempting to stage Kim Jong Nam’s death by bribing a taxi driver to run over Kim, according to South Korean investigators and reported by the New York Times.

Not much is known about the second attempt, which was discussed in a closed-door briefing with South Korean security officials and reported by the Times. Kim Jong Nam also allegedlywrote a letter in 2012 begging his brother to spare his and his family’s lives.


Similarly the Swedish Government through swedish psychiatry has been trying to murder me since 2009. This has continued and has reached a point where I avoid swedish authority like the plaque. I tell you sweden is nasty and is into medical murder and democide.

Sweden has a long history of medical murder using psychiatry and doctors, including sterilization, lobotimization, shock insulin treatment but not limited to it.

China and North Korea are more open in their policy. Sweden is covert and it makes it nastier because sweden make the impression of that they are a great county. The truth is that sweden is not a christian country and swedish authority are totally wicked.

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