Plan C

I have made a plan C or am making it to do if things get really bad. If the government of Sweden decides to try to do a Kim Jong Nam on me. That is murder by government, democide, medical murder using psychiatry again. Yes they have already tried this once.

This was in 2015 that it started and they force medicated me with very high doses of the dangerous drugs abilify and risperiden. This resulted in a worsening of my liver health, something that they refuse to even admit.

I am not allowed to mention the names of the murderers involved in these crimes against my person. But there are quite a few people and many of them are doctors or nurses of psychiatry. The police was also involved in the period that this happened.

In my naivity I believed that it was all a mistake when they eventually released me and allowed me to stop taking the medication. But once marked as what they call seriosly mentally ill means in my case that they behave in a hellish way towards me if any attention comes regarding my person to swedish authority.

Therefore I have been forced to develop a PLAN C.

I shall first talk about plan A and B. Plan A is to remain in this little house where i live and hope for the grace of God to take me through this life with the hellish swedish state. Plan A involved refusing all contact with swedish psychiatry in all forms, both social psychiatry, that is the local provincial psychiatry units that generally work as more service people and also avoid clinical psychiatry that is those tied to the hospitals and other psychiatric units, such as psychiatrists, nurses and other workers. I also plan to avoid all contact with the police.

Plan B is same but enduring even if i do not get the grace of God. Basically the same as plan A, that is going on living in this house in sweden and trying to take one day at a time and trying to survive if swedish psychiatry would turn on me again.

Plan C is more drastic and something I have been forced to develop because i have realized that they are actually trying to murder me. Initially i could not in my wildest dreams imagine that the authority of Sweden, my own home country would have any interest or desire to hurt me and kill me. But the tough history of truth that has been revealed to me, probably as a step in the necessity that i understand that all words of the new testament are true.

Basically it says “I have come to witness that this world is evil.” I in my naivity were unable to grasp the full meaning of this statement until things started happening to me and Jesus was revealed to me. I should thank my enemies, the swedish state, for that they have helped me to meet Christ.

But also as a consequence of the deep necessity of trying to maintain my physical survival on this earth while i am here, I have developed plan C. Plan C will take effect if I get information from the swedish state indicating that they are planning to murder me.

Plan C

Plan C is to leave sweden and travel elsewhere and there try to survive. The current plan is to travel to Ho Chi Minh City. I plan to take my backpack, put clothes, computer and passport and money in it and take the train to Arlanda, the swedish airport. There I plan to use my visa card to, over phone, buy a plane ticket to Bangkok. Then travel to Bangkok. This is the first step in the plan. Then sleep there in some cheap hotel for a night.

Then i probably take the bus through Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City. From there I dont know. But this is plan C.

Maybe i would destroy my passport and take up another identity. Initially I was thinking of trying to find a christian community and was therefore planning to avoid Vietnam where Christians have been known to be prosecuted. But the current plan is to live like a crypto-christian, to be as wise as a snake and as innocent as a dove. If this plan takes effect, then I do not plan to ever come back to Sweden again.

Maybe i travel to the countryside of Vietnam. This could be wisest, the city life can be bad.
Maybe i travel to the countryside of Vietnam. This could be wisest, the city life can be bad.
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