Sound doctrine:

1. Incarnation of diety 1 tim 3:16

2. The virgin birth and his brothers and sisters.

3. Pretrib rapture

4. Works have no part in salvation during this age and salvation is a free gift.

5. Salvation under the law and during the tribulation is a system of faith and works.

6. A physical literal earthly kingdom will be set up on this earth with Jesus as military dictator. This earthly kingdom will have its capital in Jerusalem and it will last 1000 years. Heaven and Hell are literal places which terminate in new Jerusalem and the lake of fire. Two destination heaven is a literal place it terminates in New Jerusalem. Hell is literal place that terminates in lake of fire. Both of them are eternal.

7. in this age works have no part in salvation and eternal life is a free gift.  Rom 5:15 Rom 5:18 that guarantees the person that receive Jesus Christ will wind up just like Jesus Christ himself. If you obey John 1:12 you end up just like 1 John 3:1-3, Phi 3:21.

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