Emergency plan


I am looking for an emergency plan. For a place to disappear to disappear from the face of this earth never to appear again.

To leave Sweden on a plane with a one way ticket and then burn my id card and passport and take up a new identity and live the rest of my life at that place.

I am looking for an escape if something would happen and I would be forced to leave Sweden and hide forever.

I am looking for a true friend that could help me for the rest of my life under a new identity.

I am looking for a solution that involves a new identity, a new nationality.

Things might happen to me here where i live that will force me to disappear from both Swedish local authority and international authority. I might be forced to live the rest of my life away from airports, national borders and maybe even authority.

If you have en escape, an option for me, a way to escape and disappear and that would not cause my physical death in this world in the process, then please contact me and correspond with me.

That to avoid the murderers and sorcerers at psychiatry.

Let us talk,



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