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This podcast is a podcast for Jesus Kristus created by Disciplemattias.

You can access the main page at:


You can access the rss feed at:


A content page (that is not updated often) can be found here.

And a tag content file (that is not either updated often) can be found here.

The podcast is done in mp3 files. All mp3 files have encoded tags such as title, comments (podcast description, this contains info of what the podcast episode is about and sometimes texts from the bible.), date, episode artwork.

The comments can be read by you through tag editors or in mp3 players such as itunes i think.

The initial 55 episodes or so up to around 20170421 are done with lightweight mp3 format so that an hour is about 8mb. These files have lower quality but you should still be able to hear what I say. Then i started to use 96kbps 32khz mono mp3 files that are about 33mb per hour with better audio quality and also save a raw wave file so that podcasts can be reformatted at a later date.

Around the same time 20170422 i started to use -23LUFS loudness normalisation and noise and hum reduction and audio levelling via auphonic. So newer mp3s after 20170421 have this. That is they comply with the european broadcasting standards.

You can subscribe and listen to this podcast in many ways. One way is email subscription available from the menu if you hoover over podcast at disciplemattias.com and click subscribe by email. Another way is to download the podcast episode directly at podcast.disciplemattias.com. A third way that i do not recommend because of that the sound is not as good and distorted is to play the podcast in the web browser at podcast.disciplemattias.com. So i recommend that you play the podcast in a player like vlc or itunes.

That was some technical stuff.

This podcast is about Jesus Christ called in swedish Jesus Kristus. I am a follower of Jesus Kristus and my name is mattias and i call myself disciplemattias. The podcast contect might vary but it will always be about Jesus Christ and my relation to Jesus Christ or about the holy scripture etc, churches, fellowship, God etc. I want to focus on what is important in life and also relate to the world from a perspective of truth therefore I make my podcast about Jesus Kristus. Since Jesus is the way the truth and the life I also want to help other people and lead other people the right way rather than the wrong way, therefore i want to focus on Jesus Christ and belief in Jesus Christ and to follow Jesus.


The podcast is also available through some other sites like:

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Itunes:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-for-jesus-kristus/id1205322072?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4#





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or here for link.

my podcast at audiosearch, i think they index the actual audio aswell and make it searchable in some way, not sure.


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